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Letters from the Front

Battlefield V hasn’t really embodied the best of the Battlefield franchise. From a messy reveal and marketing campaign to identity politics and beyond, Battlefield V has left a really sour taste in everyone’s mouth after the great successes of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. Huge controversies has left this franchise wounded and absolutely tanked DICE’s once stellar reputation, a reputation that has landed them in the history books as one of the best developers of the early 21st century, a reputation that has carried them all the way to the very top, and a reputation that says that you can trust them to deliver a great game. Battlefield V is not that and it’s sad to see as a big fan of the franchise and a big fan of DICE to see a game like Battlefield V destroy and malign their reputation, everything they worked hard to achieve, everything they stood for, and much more.

As a big fan of the franchise, I would like to see DICE return to their very roots and deliver a game that is rich with content, a great live service, and a complete game that restores faith and trust in DICE. We are ready for Bad Company 3 and I feel like this is the game that DICE needs right now.


Bad Company is a franchise that is near and dear to my very heart, as much as the next Battlefield fan. Bad Company allows for creative expression and creative freedom as opposed to the main line titles like Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1. When Battlefield V was revealed and it was explained that the game was set in the throes of global conflict yet again in World War II, everyone expected a very serious tone and everything to be accurate and respectful and pretty true to the source material, which told the war that we all knew but with brand new technology that would bring the war to life. However, that notion would be destroyed with Battlefield V’s reveal trailer.

With a Bad Company name, you can do whatever you want and can go wherever you want and make it wacky plus most importantly you can get away with it as Bad Company is a spin-off franchise and is associated with outlandish fun. If you were to design a wacky game that didn’t take itself too seriously then it should be Bad Company. However, that is the direction that Battlefield V went and as a result, DICE ruined what could’ve been a great WW2 game.

Personally, I think WW2 is a great setting and lends itself too many things outside of being wacky and not serious but it also constraints given that you have to do certain things, there seems to be different forces opposing each other. Just take a look at the Pacific Theater teaser trailer that released yesterday and what we got with Battlefield V, a game that is right now struggling with its identity when it should’ve never had to struggle in the first place; the Pacific looks great and historical while the rest of the game looks like Fortnite clone. If you wanted to create a wacky game than go for it in a Bad Company esque title, just go all out and give zero fucks and I guarantee you that nobody will care as Bad Company lends itself to such shenanigans.


Bad Company 3 would avoid controversy and backlash that was garnered with Battlefield V. There are certain expectations when you say World War II and people will not take it kindly if you crap on the setting: People expect a serious game when you say World War II. What do you imagine when I say World War II? You imagine Marines storming Iwo Jima, US Soldiers parachuting into France, Russian forces fighting through Berlin, and much more. However, Bad Company does not lend itself to that as it is a game that is very wacky and doesn’t take itself too seriously so you could do whatever you want as you would not be restricted by history.

Many people were annoyed with the portrayal of the Second World War within Battlefield V and rightfully so. It is not World War II. It is not historical, authentic, and not true to life as DICE marketed it out to be. It claimed to be the most deepest and immersive Battlefield yet and that wasn’t the case. With Bad Company 3, I guarantee you that the game wouldn’t be marred with controversy and backlash of whatever setting the game is set in. We expect something more wackier, funny, and super stupid when it comes to Bad Company.

With Bad Company 3, DICE can be let loose into the wild and do whatever their heart content too, just as long as it isn’t anything related to history or tied down by historical facts.


Battlefield V is a game that has the future in its hands. Battlefield V will dictate the future and dictate the fate of the franchise in the upcoming installments, Battlefield V right now has the potential to destroy everything DICE has built and it has marked them. Sadly, Battlefield V is not a stain that DICE can wash away in the washer machine, it is much more than that: it is something that will kill them if they don’t fix the game’s problems and allow the game to be the best that it can be.

Right now, Battlefield V has teared down DICE’s reputation and teared down the good will that they so hard built up with 16 games in the franchise all for political points, points that doesn’t matter in the long run and will never matter. Battlefield V has marked the franchise and the only way to remove that mark is by releasing Bad Company 3.

Bad Company is a well established game in the community. It is beloved, it is great, and is considered one of the greatest franchises in the military shooter genre. It introduced groundbreaking features that has been featured in every Battlefield game since, it is a franchise of great renown and it has the potential to bring the franchise back from the brink.

The only way to achieve this is by developing one of the greatest Battlefield games of all time: deliver a great live service, deliver a fun and great multiplayer experience, deliver an amazing campaign and deliver a great marketing campaign that doesn’t preach woke ideas, don’t align yourself with any cause, don’t plaster women all over the marketing materials, stay true and stay the course and just show us what we care the most about which is the game itself. Stick by all these rules and I’m sure that we will see a game that has massive hype levels, so massive that it outdoes Battlefield 1 and returns the franchise from the brink of destruction. We know how good it can get and Bad Company 3 is a return to that.

Bad Company 3 has the potential to restore faith in the franchise and restore hope in DICE as one of the greatest studios of military shooters. Battlefield V was and is a bump in the road but don’t let that bump in the road get to your head, Battlefield can be made great again with a Bad Company game. The Battlefield franchise I know is one of great renown, a franchise that has made history time and time again and it can go back to being that after the buggy mess and complete disaster that was Battlefield V. Don’t let a buggy mess get to your head, DICE.

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