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Letters from the Front

( Played on Breakthrough.)

After the capture of the Marshall Islands and the devastating push inland combined with the devastating American bombardment of the base at Truk, the Americans were now approaching the Japanese homeland.

After the US seized most of the outer ring of defenses in the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein, Eniwetok, and most of the islands that the Japanese held, the Japanese Army and Navy reinforcements were sent to Iwo Jima and the loss of the Marianas greatly increased the importance of the Volcano Islands for the Japanese who were greatly aware that the fall of either Iwo Jima and Okinawa would open the Japanese homeland to American bombing raids.

By 1945, the Americans and the Allies in the Pacific were open to a two month break in their offensive capabilities before the invasion of Okinawa began. Iwo Jima was strategically important to the Americans as the island housed an airfield and was a haven to the Japanese Air Force. The capture of Iwo Jima would provide a homebase for American fighter pilots and provide a staging area for Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of the Japanese homeland. American intelligence had signified that the island would fall in one week. In light of the intelligence reports that were optimistic, the decision went ahead to capture Iwo Jima under the codename of Operation Detachment.

Operation Detachment began in February 1945 and would end in March with a resounding American victory. Although ultimately victorious, the American victory came at an ultimate price and ended up being one of the most famous battles of the entire Second World War and became a representation of the entire Pacific War. It holds a great significance in Marine Corps lore and American history.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima is a classic map in the Battlefield franchise. Much like Wake Island, Strike at Karkand, Dragon Valley, Operation Metro and many others that have made their return in previous games, Iwo Jima is one of them. This is where it all begins, this is the very beginning.

Iwo Jima has made its appearances in only two titles in the franchise, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1943, a WW2 spin-off title using Frostbite 2 in 2009 so returning to Iwo Jima in 2019 with up to date graphics is amazing and it’s all that I have asked for, but not in a game like this which is disappointing but it’s still good nonetheless.

Out of the two maps that launched with the Pacific update, Iwo Jima is the more iconic map and is the highlight of the launch packet. This is what Battlefield is all about, this is everything the franchise is all about. This is the invasion fantasy brought to life or the closest that you’ll get to in Battlefield V.

Iwo Jima for all intent and purposes is the classic iconic battlefield where you’re storming the beach with the famous and iconic American vehicles and the Japanese are set to defend one of their home islands against this huge invasion force that is now on their doorstep with MG nests, bunkers, sniper outposts, and everything at their disposal to push back against the tide and all hell breaks loose the moment you land on the beach with Mt. Suribachi looming in the background, it sends chills up your spine and down your arms. This map in breakthrough is a great experience and is the only way to experience Iwo Jima as Conquest has you land on the beach after it’s taken and the fight for the island begins.

Iwo Jima is what I wanted from Battlefield V and in general for a very long time. This is the first time that we’re getting these epic iconic battles in the game, if the game launched with Iwo Jima or several iconic maps from across the war then the reception would have been on a very different scale. The nostalgia factor plays a really huge role here as seeing Sherman tanks rolling up on the black sands of Iwo Jima with Marines is a welcome sight and feels like I’m home, doing Iwo Jima is so important for the game here because it is such a famous battle of the war and DICE hasn’t done a famous battle on this scale for the first year of this game and that’s what some of the Battlefield WW2 titles had done previously, especially 1942 which was nothing but famous and iconic battles from the war and this game comes in with the lesser known battles and so, with that in mind, Iwo Jima has been a very big important part and I hope that these famous battles continue to show up throughout the game’s lifecycle like Normandy and Berlin.

Overall, I am very impressed with this new content drop and update to the game which I hope we get more of going forward. If DICE continues to do this trend with more Pacific maps like Okinawa or Saipan or Guadalcanal and eventually returning to Europe with D-Day, Operation Market Garden, the Ardennes Counteroffensive alongside the Eastern Front then Battlefield V will turn into a game with a lot of good and fun content in it while it may not be the WW2 game that we wanted for nearly 17 years but it can sure try. DICE needed this win and now if they continue on this winning streak then this game will turn around. Hopefully, the future of this game is good and bright.

Stay tuned for PART II coming in December and my review of the new content coming in December with the launch of Wake Island.

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