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Letters from the Front

It’s great to see Battlefield have some great buzz around it with the launch of The Pacific Theater in Battlefield V and we have to credit where credit is due and hopefully DICE continues on this winning streak in 2020 and possibly more in the future which will set it on the long road towards redemption and I say long road because Battlefield 2021 has been confirmed.

Electronic Arts earlier last week had an investor meeting and clarified the future of Battlefield and the future of Battlefield V and it’s very interesting to see where this game goes in the next two years. In these investor meetings which can be listened to by the public, we can see what’s going on and see what’s happening to them and to our favorite franchises; EA confirmed that we will be seeing another Battlefield title sometime between April 2021 and March 2022 with EA confirming that they intend to stick with Battlefield V for the duration and see the game through which is a major plus.

Battlefield V, for the better part of the year, has been in a tricky situation and it has not been a good ride for the game and for the community. From the lack of famous WW2 battles to authentic and accurate cosmetics to women on the frontlines with factions that didn’t have women to a very safe and politically correct approach to the setting, Battlefield V is not a very good WW2 game and is not the game that we wanted for nearly a decade or more but EA intends to stick with it which is good as now it will be the main port for Battlefield fans and for the franchise for the foreseeable future. Seeing the reaction to the Pacific Theater and seeing what it has done for the game is positive and I like to think that Battlefield V getting this extension of support will be very well received as well.

Year one of Battlefield V has not been good but DICE has hopefully gotten the game back on track that it needs to be on and the Pacific brings back everything that Battlefield V does not have; authentic uniforms, immersion, atmosphere, big battles that immerse you in the world and so much more, in general, DICE has done a very good job which I hope continues moving forward as this game could have very rich content going forward. Seeing now that the next title may not be coming so soon, we have the potential to explore the Second World War in more depth than ever before: from the Eastern Front to Normandy to the Italian campaign alongside the storming of Berlin by the Red Army and if that was coming over the next 18 months to two years then the future of this game would be amazing and the community will be hyped and the game could once again get some good buzz. Now, with this extra time that DICE has on their hands, DICE needs to go about and repair everything that the game launched with and get this game on the path towards redemption by providing solid updates and giving the British alongside the Germans their proper cosmetics and accurate uniforms alongside many more issues and that should be a priority now.

The Pacific Theater is the beginning of the road to redemption for this game but that road needs to continue and cannot falter anymore. The level of quality in the Pacific is above the quality that we have been getting for the most part of 2019, you get the sense that the direction was there and that the development team knew what they were doing from the very beginning as opposed to the main game and whatever occurred at launch. We need to see all of this happen again in the next year so Battlefield V can get its confidence back and walk with extreme pride and stride to glory, the Pacific is a great start but we need to see that happen again.

As for the development time for the next title, it only spells good news given that DICE has more time to develop the game and bring it to the level of quality that we have come to expect from a Battlefield game. Battlefield V is now the standard of what not to do when it comes to a majority of things, including development time as rumors state that Battlefield V only had a year or 6 months of development time before the game launched and I don’t think anybody wants to see that happen again. Of course, having a game being developed for more than 2 years won’t make it flawless but it will be more polished and more well rounded than what we got with Battlefield V; there needs to be a lot of rebuilding so Battlefield as a franchise can come back stronger than ever and wash away the stain that Battlefield V has left.

Battlefield V has left a huge stain, one that doesn’t come off as easy: the road to removing that stain is by doing a good live service with Battlefield V and by providing a really good game for the next Battlefield releasing in Fiscal Year 2022, one that shows that Battlefield V was just in a bump in the road and that was it, just a fault that they can come back from and dust themselves off. Battlefield 2021 needs to be taken seriously so that can happen and whatever game it ends up being is filled with content and a rich live service repairs the franchise and repairs the hole they have left with BFV.

As for Battlefield 2021, I hope it’s another historical game but done right this time with the same level as Battlefield 1 or even higher because Battlefield V destroyed the historical genre with its ridiculous take on the Second World War but DICE can go back and do it the right way. It could take advantage of the setting if the game is developed solely for the next generation of hardware by giving us a good look at something like Korea which has never been done before or Vietnam with the backdrop of the Cold War showing secret operations undertaken by the intelligence agencies of the era, there is plenty of things to do with the next game in the series. However, if it was up to me, I would either take historical or another jab at the far future just like the end of Battlefield 4 was like.

However, this is certainly good news not only for Battlefield V but for the franchise as a whole. Only good things can come from this announcement and whenever Battlefield 2021 launches, I will have my impressions up and my review ready to go.

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