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Letters from the Front

Microsoft debuted Project xCloud, kicking off its first invite-only preview for its ambitious vision. This vision is bringing console games to the phones, the platform sets out to mobilize the success of the Xbox One and the future of the brand by taking top tier games and bringing them on the go. Project xCloud is only available on Android as of right now but it’s a taste of what’s to come from the Xbox division.

I’ve spent a few days on this train, trying out everything from Gears 5 to Halo 5 and the technology behind Project xCloud is very promising and is in many ways magic to me because Microsoft has secured clarity and fluidity without comprising latency. Cloud streaming and streaming in general may not be ready for primetime and may not be ready now but this is a very good step forward and Xbox Game Streaming shows a capable implementation even now in its pre-release state.

As a big shooter fan, I booted up Gears 5 for the first test. It took about 30 to 45 seconds or more for the game to appear at all but once in it, the experience is familiar and the performance is excellent which shows that the technology behind Project xCloud is very capable. Gears 5 is an excellent choice for the service as it provides a lot of heavy action moments which will test the waters of Project xCloud; the graphic fidelity is on par with the console’s rendition of Gears 5 and this was very impressive.

The next game I tried out was Killer Instinct, a game that I have never played or was interested in and it was a good test for something that is ambitious as Project xCloud is and I was really surprised by well a fighting game works on something like this. It’s really quite impressive.

If Project xCloud works this good on a phone, I wonder how well it works on something like a tablet or a smart TV and I think that is where Project xCloud will shine, I think. For now, this is a really good step forward and this will change the way how we think about generations and gaming in the future, however, it still needs work as it is an ongoing venture for Microsoft in 2019 as Microsoft lay its foundations and build it with the help from cloud tech that is greatly expanding.

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