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Letters from the Front

The original Xbox Elite Controller launched in 2015 and won a heap of praise. Extra paddles on the back, trigger locks for more rapid firing, and rubberized grips for a more tactile grip. However, in the months and years that followed from that inital release, the Elite controller had fallen apart which isn’t what you want when you shell out such an high amount of cash when you’re actively looking for a controller.

From the grips falling off to stuck buttons and broken buttons, the Elite Controller ended up with a weird reputation that somehow fixes itself with the new and updated version of the Elite Controller. Right out of the box, the Elite Controller v2 screams quality and it’s very similar to the OG Elite controller: The Elite v2 is built for those that want something more out of their gaming and its evident that Microsoft put enough quality that this goes above and beyond the original controller. It may not look different but its all in the inside.

The box and the carrying case, especially the carrying case, has also been redesigned to bring it up to speed. It comes with a magnetic floor charger that is docked if you want to charge the controller right out of the case, the charging dock is perhaps one of my favorite parts of the controller: Double A batteries are no longer required and I would argue that Double A batteries was a better solution but that isn’t until I dumped 55 hours into this controller and it was still running. If you go to bed and leave it charging, you will never run out of juice.

Beyond charging and the internal batter that comes inside the controller, the improvements are vast and are impressive. The controller feels more tighter and feels quite heaver and dense as opposed to the original and the rubberized grips feel good but it remains to be seen if the controller will have the same issues as the original without extreme testing over the next couple months.

The bumper buttons feel far more stronger than the original which had the issue of wear and tear as many of the buttons and the rubberized grips had on the original controller, although, this issue remains to be seen. The d-pad and the thumbsticks have the same magnetic pull they had in the original, it’s quick to swap them and the paddles feel great.

Beyond the new and improved, the actual features lay inside and are scattered throughout the controller. There are now three stages of trigger locking, there’s also a tension control key if you twist the tension all the way up, you’ll return to the Xbox 360 tension and allows for three configuration profiles with the option to bring over your previous configuration from the OG controller over to the new one. I brought over my original configuration for Call of Duty, Battlefield, and a new one solely for screenshotting and video recording. You can go wild to your heart’s content on these three configurations. It’s all so convenient and nice to have, it actually elevates your gaming.

In the end, the Elite Controller V2 is a must buy. It is a vast improvement in every possible aspect; the charging dock and the internal battery is the standout feature of the Elite Controller V2 alongside a rapid 1-2 hour charge cycle and the additional features make it a bonus, granting you a little bit more out of your gaming experience if you so wish.

The only issue is the tweaking and getting everything right to where you want them to be and it becomes a rabbit hole when you get into adjusting things. The main problem is that it doesn’t come cheap, it comes at a solid $180 and granted, it’s far better to get a cheap Xbox controller and get things on a budget but if you want your gaming to be better and you want your gaming to be enjoyable alongside having something you can adjust and tweak at any time, then you must give in to the price tag and you won’t be disappointed.

I will do a re-review of the Elite v2 in six months.

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