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Letters from the Front

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a complete reboot of the original Modern Warfare trilogy that graced our screens throughout a better part of a generation back in the day. The game takes place in an entirely new world which is more grounded in the affairs of current day and it’s a game where it showcases the hardships of conflict in the present day then it is a game trying to mimic the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict that spirals into the Third World War by the next two sequels.

Modern Warfare is a return to the more gritty, realistic military shooters of the past after years of futuristic warfare and an entry that returned us to the 1940s. Gone are the advanced movement, gone are the futuristic weapons and drone warfare, gone are the cringey weapon camos and much more; this is warfare done the right way with the right amount of flair; this is warfare done right.

Just like my Battlefield V review last year, I’ll be splitting this review up into two parts. We’ll start with the Campaign.

The Campaign

I’m a sucker for a good Call of Duty campaign. I’ve always played the Campaign since the original Call of Duty and I’ll be very upfront: This is the best Call of Duty campaign since Black Ops 2 and the old Modern Warfare games.

Just like in previous games, I entered the campaign on Veteran and have gone through the game and I’m about to start up on Realism. In any case, this is the best campaign of this generation’s Call of Duty and since Black Ops 2, it mimics the way Call of Duty 4’s campaign was: action where it needs to be action and a natural sense of progression alongside a natural ride instead of something ripped out of a Michael Bay action movie. It feels organic.

The country of Urzikstan is fictitious but it is inspired by the countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria alongside the regional politics is one that is messy, something that resembles the modern day conflicts we find ourselves in the Middle East in the real world and it happens that Afghanistan and Iraq actually occurred in this world as many of the characters alongside the Multiplayer Operators are veterans of that conflict so this is a world that immerses itself in the politics of today and how warfare is changing in 2019.

This is a story where the British SAS is at the forefront instead of the Americans, the Americans take a bit of a backseat here and are in a supporting role rather than at the front. Captain Price returns and is more of a major character now than a supporting one like in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and most of the characters are new.

You play as CIA Operative Alex and Kyle Garrick, a soldier in the SAS who serves alongside Captain Price and is his right hand man and you’ll also play as Farah Karim, a freedom fighter trying to liberate her country from the Russians. The game pits you against the Russians and Al-Qatela, which is led by Omar “The Wolf” Sulaman as you try to capture him. Just like in the old Call of Dutys, there are twists and turns that takes you through an exciting ride of modern day politics, exciting gameplay, and an interesting story alongside a fascinating setting that it can be built upon in the next two games if Infinity Ward wants to build out a new trilogy for the modern day.

In the end, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign is great and is one of the game’s best features. The campaign raises itself to the levels of those iconic campaigns of games like Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Black Ops II. From start to finish, the campaign is tense and a beautiful experience and I’m thrilled that Infinity Ward has rebooted this iconic franchise and has taken it to the modern day.


Call of Duty’s multiplayer comes with two parts: regular Multiplayer and Special Ops. Progression carries over between these two modes, and story crosses over from the ending of Modern Warfare and into Special Ops which will expand the game’s story before the reveal of the second Modern Warfare game while MP maps are inspired by the levels of the campaign.

I love the game’s multiplayer, while I do see what people are saying that this is a more tactical and slower Call of Duty, I just love it as it sends me back to my childhood playing the first two Modern Warfare games. It took me a little bit to get adjusted but now I have come to really like it, it has shades of the original games while bringing it up to speed for the modern day. Yes, you may be killed by campers but that doesn’t negate that you can go in and come out on top in certain matches; you have to adjust your playstyle, take things a little bit slow while upping your gameplay in certain areas, learn the maps and learn where campers like to hide.

Gameplay is awesome, it is what Call of Duty always revolved around and it’s a return to classic Modern Warfare gameplay while bringing new things in like a mounting feature. Create-a-Class is back, experimentation on the level of Modern Warfare 2 is back, great killstreaks are back, and so much more. This is the return of Call of Duty, this is what Call of Duty has always been about. I’m having the most fun in multiplayer ever since the original Black Ops and the original Modern Warfare games.

Special Ops is the fan-favorite mode that returns from the older Modern Warfare games and it’s literally impossible to play but it is so fun. Special Ops replaces Zombies and places you in the world after the campaign, it is comprised of missions and on Xbox, Classic Special Ops which is a horde based mode that mimics the older Special Ops from Modern Warfare 3. Your success depends on your teammates which makes it trickier with randoms which I recommend doing it with a group of friends who are willing to stick through with it.

In the end, the return to the present day and bringing Modern Warfare back is exactly what everyone wanted and what I wanted and in this form where it wasn’t a retelling of the original games or something that ripped off from the original games. Modern Warfare gets the series to return to its 2007 roots while bringing it into the present. If you haven’t played the series in quite some time, this is a good time to jump in and experience the new Modern Warfare. This is worth your money and your time.

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