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Letters from the Front

Hey gang,

How are we doing? How are you doing, most importantly? I wanted to sit down and talk about the recent inactivity that has been going on for the past couple weeks and I wanted to be frank with you all.

I’ve been really quite busy with my personal life and a lot has been going on recently but I’ve been making sure that I’ve been playing loads of videogames and writing up my reviews for a few games and a few movies, most recently, I just went to go see Knives Out and am currently writing the review for that film and just finished up Jedi Fallen Order which is honestly one of the best Star Wars single-player stories I have ever played and witnessed since Republic Commando and I have been taking a little bit of time to make sure my mental health and my emotional health has been up to date and everything has been okay before sitting down and writing again.

Now onto the projects I am currently working on and the projects that I am about to finish, I have a few things in the pipeline that I will begin publishing tomorrow, which I have been finishing up and putting my final touches on including the Award Blogs for 2019 and the Game of the Year for 2019 which I still have to come around too and sit down to think about, this year has been an incredible year for gaming and 2020 will be amazing.

Now, that I have taken a small little break which really hasn’t been much of a break as I’ve been busy doing a bunch of IRL stuff, including family stuff, I can now sit down and write again. Let’s get the ball rolling again!

Much love,


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