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Letters from the Front

Battlefield 3 is one of the greatest military shooters of the 2010s and is considered to be many the magnum opus of the Battlefield franchise so remastering the game 10 years after its initial release is no surprise and would be a welcome surprise to many who are fans of the franchise after Battlefield V destroyed the good will DICE worked so hard to build.

Daqarie, who revealed Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V details correctly before the initial reveals of the two games, revealed in his new video which he took down is that a Battlefield 3 remaster is on its way. The game has been in the pipeline and will release alongside the next entry and the remaster will include all of the game’s content alongside some new surprises.

While the game hasn’t been announced officially, there maybe some truth to the rumors, as Alexander Grøndal, an executive producer at DICE shared a rather quite telling tweet:

After the failure of Battlefield V, I’m sure DICE is looking for a safe bet that brings the franchise back from the brink of no return, a Battlefield 3 remaster will go a long way in repairing the franchise but appease longtime fans of the franchise while introducing a new generation to DICE’s magnum opus. Daq reports that the remaster will release this year while the next game will release next year as EA confirmed.

We might get some news on the remaster today as EA Play is happening today. Stay tuned!

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