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Letters from the Front

I’ve used plenty of headphones in my time, mostly on the gaming side of things. Many of the headphones I use are specifically made for gaming and have audio tuned for gaming, accentuating highs to enhance your gameplay. Some of them do come with music modes or have a more balanced sound that can provide a more immersive experience.

Few of those headphones can beat a pair of high-end cans tailored specifically for numerous pieces of entertainment like music or movies, and that’s certainly true for the Marshall ANC 2’s. They’ve changed the way I want to experience my music in the future.

The Marshall ANC 2’s has an iconic design, the look retains that legendary Marshall flavor. As someone who uses Marshall products in my everyday life, I found it to be one of the best looking headphones I’ve ever used and became one of my favorite headphones just because of the way they look, but of course, beauty is subjective. The more important question is, how do they sound?

The ANC 2’s are easily among the best, or maybe the best pair of cans for pure audio. The texturing of each and every individual beat shines in a way I’ve never really heard before, it almost as if you’re in the studio watching some of these giants like Drake and Future. Punchy, distortion free, sweeping audio amongst other things like entrancing vocals make it hard to go back and experience music with any other headset. The ANC 2’s has changed the way I listen to music or watch Youtube, sublime.

The ANC 2’s come with a collapsible design, and comes with a carrying design, a 3.5mm cable for a wired connection, and a USB type C for charging. The battery life is amazing as well, hitting 30 hours with active noise cancelling. On the subject of the noise cancelling, it is top notch. With it turned on, I couldn’t hear my friends talking to me or the sound of the TV blaring in the background.

However, there are a few nitpicks that stops the ANC 2’s from being the perfect headphones, but it comes pretty close to being the perfect pair. A lot of these nitpicks come from the app and its software / firmware and I hope some of these are solved via updates.

My main issues with the ANC 2’s mostly stems from its software and firmware, which aren’t all that great. When the app is open, it introduces distortion and Bluetooth interference into the headset, which is odd. The on-ear controls aren’t all that great or intuitive, for that matter. Many headphones for this price range comes with some sort of communication when you’re hitting the controls, to let you know what sort of sound you prefer. The ANC 2’s don’t come with that, so you’ll have to learn by memory what each control does which is an annoyance.

Should you buy the ANC 2’s? Absolutely.

The ANC 2’s are the best pair of headphones I’ve ever had, for general purposes outside of gaming. The noise cancellation works, it is the best sounding headphones I’ve used. I hope the app is updated and the on-ear controls are improved on the next release.


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