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Letters from the Front

This month, Microsoft will showcase its first party line-up in full, confirmed reveals from Xbox Game Studios but what else can we realistically expect? As a huge Xbox gamer, I’m pretty excited for what’s coming this month so I decided to write up a prediction article. Let’s get cracking!

What Games Will Be There?

First and foremost, it’s basically confirmed that we’ll see the debut of Halo: Infinite’s gameplay, finally lifting the curtain off of this mysterious game of the flagship franchise. The marketing has recently kicked off through an audio dialogue, which seemingly confirms that the faction from Halo Wars 2 will be in the game. Halo Infinite could be the fresh kick that the franchise needs after the mixed reception that was Halo 5.

Beyond the flagship franchise being there, the Initiative may roll up to the event to showcase their game, which maybe years away from now. Microsoft’s Santa Monica studio has some incredible talent, including the writer that wrote the epic story of Red Dead Redemption, and some other great people who worked on such games like God of War. What this studio is working on is anyone’s guess but I would like to see them do a horror game.

Next up, is Fable. What’s going on with Fable? Fable is probably, alongside WB Montreal’s Batman game, is the worst kept secret of all time. We’ve been hearing about a reboot of the legendary franchise has been in the works since 2016-2017 by Forza Horizon developer Playground Games. Recently, a Twitter account was registered in March under the handle of fable, with the display being “Placeholder”. Marketing guru Aaron Greenberg gave a statement that it was simply a placeholder account which was dormant for years, which is an odd statement to make considering that the account was registered in March of this year. I think the gig is up, Aaron.

Alongside, being a first party affair, third party games will also be there. I expect to see the new Assassin’s Creed will be there and some of these new trailers will be shown at the end of the event alongside these trailers will showcase actual gameplay as opposed to the cinematic trailers that were present at the Inside Xbox May 2020 event.

I also expect some updates for some of the games will be there, for example, an update on Wasteland 3 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. I expect a tease for the upcoming Forza Motorsport game, while it maybe too soon for the sequel to release, I think we’ll see an in-engine tech footage of the new Motorsport game running on the Series X.

What about Hardware and Price? Will Hardware be there? Will Price be finally revealed?

Will there be any hardware at the Xbox Event in July? What about Project Lockhart? Will Lockhart be revealed? I don’t think so, realistically, but units have been shipped to internal staff. The Lockhart version of the Series X is expected to be a 4 Teraflop version of the superior console, with less raw graphical input which will be targeted for 1080p TV screens, in exchange for a lesser price point. Much like the Xbox SAD edition, the Lockhart maybe disc-less, while matching its brother on CPU and SSD power. I don’t expect this to be shown at the reveal, as Microsoft, would probably want to keep this event strictly for games.

As for the price side of things, I don’t expect Microsoft to really talk about price here. I see them doing an event later down the road when it comes to that, as the price, will be tied to the Lockhart and Series X’s marketing.

The Road to Redemption: Nailing It Once More

Microsoft has already nailed the hardware, with a console that will push next-generation to its height and will truly bring next generation to life. The war for the almighty dollar will come next, but none of this matters if the software isn’t there. The software hasn’t been there for quite some time, as opposed to Sony’s defining hits of the past generation, Microsoft has had a good amount of disappointment throughout a better part of a generation and it’s time to change it around.

This upcoming month, Microsoft has a chance to turn all of this around and start off with a brand new horizon. The wait will finally be over and the wait will turn itself into excitement for the future, as we head closer and closer to next generation.


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