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Letters from the Front

The Xbox division has a lot of talented studios under their belt but it’s Obsidian Entertainment that’s the most intriguing and interesting game studio under their umbrella. Obsidian Entertainment, purchased by Microsoft in late 2018, is the most important studio and for good reason.

Obsidian is famously known to many for Fallout: New Vegas, the 2010 spin-off of 2008’s mega-hit Fallout 3, and the game that took them into the big leagues. But to the rest of us, Obsidian is famously known for some of the greatest RPGs from the 2000s for games like Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and they have been making critically-acclaimed RPGs for many years with a variety of budgets and scopes. When Microsoft acquired Obsidian 2 years ago, they just came out of Pillars of Eternity and Sky Forge. The news of their acquirement by Microsoft was met with praise and intrigue.

2 years after their acquirement, Obsidian released The Outer Worlds and Steam’s best seller Grounded and announced Avowed, Microsoft made a better deal than they previously thought. Obsidian has always been a great studio with a lot of talent. When you have that talent and match it with the resources and stability that Microsoft offers, they have the ability to create even better games and add to their great and legendary portfolio.

The one thing that has always plagued Obsidian was resources. Fallout: New Vegas is famously known for its bugs and glitches that plagued its launch back in 2010, Fallout: New Vegas was developed within 2 years starting in 2008 and lacked the necessary resources to make the game bug-free. While The Outer Worlds is one of the best RPGs in recent years, it had a budget and resource issue that costed them a little bit of vision and scope they wanted. And now Obsidian is free to create games only limited by ambition, like Avowed, which is their recently announced game set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, another famous RPG they are known for.

Avowed sounds very interesting and has been rumored for years to be a game that was inspired by Skyrim and is very Skyrim-like which doesn’t surprise me. It is incredibly exciting just from the pitch alone.

Having Obsidian in the pocket of someone like Microsoft is a huge win which bodes well for the Xbox ecosystem as the Xbox ecosystem doesn’t really have another RPG outside of Fable. Obsidian is bound to dominate this coming generation and further cement themselves as one of the kings of the RPG world, now that the old guards BioWare and Bethesda are dead and gone. More importantly, however, they’ve claimed the title of the most interesting studio under the Xbox umbrella. It will be mighty exciting to see where they go in the coming decade.


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