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Letters from the Front

Over the past 10 years, some video game franchises just faded out of existence and disappeared into the ether. Even the most acclaimed games can disappear into the background, forever forgotten as the landscape of gaming changes each and every year and every new generation. But of course, that doesn’t mean your favorites go away forever, they come back when the time is right with a fresh breath of air. The transition to a new generation of hardware is the perfect fit for this kind of rebirth, combining unrealized potential with familiar properties to make the old feel like new all over again.

But what about long lost franchises that should make a comeback? Nope, I’m not talking about BioShock or things like that but things that have long been dormant and neglected for a long time. It is time to change that. Here are 5 of my picks, and why it’s the perfect time to bring it back.

Medal of Honor

Last entry: 2012

I grew up with Medal of Honor in the 2000s, the franchise introduced me to first person shooters and multiplayer gaming even if it was LAN. Back in those days, World War II was all the rage, after the successes of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, two classic pieces of movie magic that brought the war to life, every game wanted to mimic those two pieces of entertainment. Eventually, things started to change and World War II fell out of favor by the late 2000s with the introduction of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the meteoric rise of Call of Duty and the Modern Warfare genre sealed the fate of Medal of Honor.

However, that was at the beginning of the decade. We’re at the dawn of a new decade with new promises and the trend is changing once again. The trend has reversed and World War II is back on the charts and the World War II genre has reemerged as shooter settings, many of the mainstream franchises have returned to the setting and both of the big franchises failed in this department: Call of Duty WW2 was a game that felt dated and old and Battlefield returned to World War II with Battlefield V and that failed as well with a politicized message as well as a terrible support system. The game has basically harmed the franchise for life with DICE being on the hotseat, so there’s no better time to bring a proper Medal of Honor game back with a game that every fan of WW2 wants.

Dead Space

Last entry: 2013

Dead Space is a historic horror franchise from the late 2000s. The original Dead Space was a vision that came out of EA in the late 2000s, EA wanted a fresh project other than what they had in their portfolio and that’s how we got some of their unique franchises. Dead Space released in October of 2008 and gave birth to two sequels with Dead Space 3 effectively shutting the franchise down for good with rumors of a Dead Space 4 being in development but EA shut it down. Dead Space needs to comeback and what better way for the franchise to come back with brand new technology.

I would love to go back into that crazy world that Dead Space inhabits and square off with creepy monsters once again. Although, the return of Issac Clarke and a revisit to his story would be appealing, I think it is best that Dead Space gets rebooted for the new generation and not just for the new era of hardware but for a new generation of gamers that have no clue what Dead Space is about. It’s an old franchise that people from a very select era remembers. Not only that but the new generation could allow for more dismemberment and new scares and building upon the dismemberment and making the game more horror centric could be terrifying.


Last entry: 2011

Before this year, Half-Life was basically dead and it would be on a list like this one right here. However, Half Life continued the story of Half Life 2 with the prequel titled “Half Life: Alyx” , which gives me the chance to write about another Valve franchise that has laid dormant for almost 9 years. The Portal set of games took the gaming world by storm when they released in 2007 and 2011 respectively with their mind bending puzzles and great writing. The PS5 and Xbox Series X could bring on the challenge of new puzzles and forcing you to wrap their minds around the concept of relative space. Portal 3 would be a great addition.

Splinter Cell

Last entry: 2013

Every time we get just a hint, we get let down once again by Ubisoft and their constant treatment of Splinter Cell fans. It seems like we’ve been teetering on the announcement of a new Splinter Cell for years now, but we never get it. The last time the franchise has been seen was in the early 2010s and the franchise was its very peak in the 2000s with Sam Fisher and Solid Snake competing to be gaming’s greatest stealth heroes; with Snake out of the picture, it’s time for Sam Fisher to return and claim his throne.

While many games offer stealth as a gameplay mechanic, none of them match what Splinter Cell could offer and none of them occupy the same rewarding stealth-forward space that Splinter Cell once did. Next generation could be just what Splinter Cell needs to break the barrier as it did in the 2000s.

Silent Hill

Last entry: 2014

P.T, for all that’s my opinion is worth, was a watershed moment in gaming history. Covertly uploaded onto the Playstation store in Summer of 2014 under the disguise of an original IP, it eventually transpired to be a vertical slice of something else entirely, a brand new Silent Hill game, that was going to be a reboot of the franchise under the direction of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

No matter the tragic story behind P.T, P.T removes what a Silent Hill game should look and play like. P.T got it absolutely right and Hideo Kojima and company nailed it, now we have to see what the full experience is like. This should be a game for the ages.


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