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Letters from the Front

The only thing we knew about the next generation Xbox was that it was going to launch within November and last Monday, Windows Central unveiled data that the Xbox Series X was launching on November 10th with the price being set at $499 and they unveiled the Xbox Series S, the long rumored Project Lockhart was launching the same day at the price point of $299. Two prices that only made the most logical sense in the long run.

After what felt like a long game of chicken and with the help of this major leak, Microsoft finally unveiled the prices and release dates. The specs aren’t drastic, but the Series X, is the more premium version with a focus on 4K resolution and premium features meant for the gaming hardcore or enthusiast. Additionally, both consoles will have financing options which is a godsend for many people and in my opinion, it’s good.

What do you think of the prices? Will anybody try the financing options? Were you expecting the consoles at these price points? Let me down below!


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