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Letters from the Front

The Fallout set of games have taken us to some classic American states, places like Washington D.C and Boston amongst some other famous places around the country. Within the game’s future setting, there are hundreds of vaults and stories to be cracked open across this grand landscape that we called America. I put up 5 iconic American states and places that are referenced within the Fallout lore for Fallout 5 and there is no point in holding it in, so grab your vault suit and come on a journey across the land with me.

#5: Philadelphia

In the Fallout lore, Philadelphia has been called Philly for some time and is considered a “dump” by Abraham Washington and that the city was heavily affected by the nuclear war in 2077 and that the Liberty Bell still stands. Nothing else is known about the city in the in-game lore but I would like to visit the city amongst the entire state of Pennsylvania, including, the infamous Pitt which was seen in Fallout 3’s DLC “Broken Steel” , I think the city and the state would be great to visit and give Bethesda something new to work with having three cities on the same map. It could be great.

#4: Georgia

The state of Georgia was once part of the Southeast Commonwealth, formed in 1969 and was comprised by the Southeastern states of the United States; these states were Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The commonwealth was bordered by the Columbia Commonwealth, the East Central Commonwealth, and the Gulf Commonwealth. The status of the state remains unknown by 2277 and 2287.

Exploring the southern state of Georgia would be awesome as I am a native of the state, it would be great to explore some of the state’s history in the Fallout universe and get to explore a nuked out downtown Atlanta. The mutated creatures would be awesome as we have some iconic creatures that would look great in the Fallout set of games. Outside of my bias, I think the state of Georgia is definitely worthy to be in a Fallout game.

#3: New California Republic

New California is a loosely defined area on the West Coast of America, being one of the most well-defined states to feature in the Fallout games as many of the games take place in some part of the state. New California stretches from Baja to Klamath to the edges of the Mojave Desert in 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas.

The Boneyard was once Los Angeles and it was bombed heavily during the war in 2077. By 2281, The Boneyard is the largest city in the NCR territories and is host to the Republic Reserve and other companies and universities that grew in the wake of America’s downfall and as the NCR has control of the city, the Boneyard has been restored to what it was before the nuclear war with many of the buildings rebuilt and redecorated with some of the people stating that growing up there isn’t the best. It would be great to return to the state of California a full century after Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, and see how it has grown and developed since the NCR reclaimed the state. It would give Bethesda a full run for its money.

#2: Ohio

Ohio once belonged to the East Central Commonwealth and was comprised of the former states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee and was bordered by the Eastern, Great Midwest, Columbia, Southeast, Gulf, Texas, and the Plains Commonwealth. In Ohio, a once prominent family by the name of Wallace was kidnapped by the Zetan alien race and it was home to the Silver Bridge and the Ohio River which connected to Point Pleasant in Appalachia to Gallipolis.

I think Ohio would be a great place to explore in the next Fallout game and I think the state and the cities of Cincinnati, Akron, and Cleveland amongst the more iconic locations of the state could be great for Bethesda to visit and create an iconic place for Fallout 5.

#1: Illinois

After the fall of the Master in the original Fallout game, super mutants traveled east to find themselves a new home and found a crashed airship and made a new home in the remnants of that airship. The Brotherhood of Steel, after internal conflict, founded the Midwest chapter of the faction and by 2197, the Midwest chapter established a neo-feudal like community in the region surrounding Chicago. In 2254, the Brotherhood of Steel once again set an expedition east to the Capital Wasteland with the sole intent on communicating with the local remnants that was once stationed in Washington. The Enclave also resides in the former of Illinois, setting up headquarters. As of 2277, it is explained to the player that the former state of Illinois is a wasteland and that the super mutants which once fled east is now embroiled in a conflict with the Midwest chapter of the Brotherhood and that Chicago is a hellhole, much like the rest of the country. Illonis was visited once in the Fallout: Tactics game which released in 2001.

I think Bethesda can return to the state and give us a little bit more of an in-depth look at the state, a century after the end of Fallout: Tactics and see how the state has held up. It would be epic to explore Chicago and some of its historic locations in the world and its surrounding region, maybe the creatures would be cool too.

What locations would you like to see for the next Fallout? Let me know in the comments down below.


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