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Letters from the Front

Hi everyone!

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. In the real world, 2020 marked an epoch in American history, standing alongside 1776, 1861, and 1941 with parallels to 1968. First there was the threat of war, followed by a pandemic that has ravaged the world, then the racial protests and riots throughout the summer and then a disputed election. Despite the historical implications of such a year, all of us has had a different year: some of us had it difficult and some of us has had it “good” , I would like to talk about my 2020 and my goals for this upcoming year.

12 months ago, things were a lot different. Around this time last year, I was planning a small trip but then things got shut down and now I’m sitting in my office silently working away. Pandemic aside and historical events aside, I can say I had a pretty good 2020 vs what I was going into in the last phases of 2019. I also accomplished what I set out to do.

Quick Recap:
  • Focus on more specific content topics
  • Write more content
  • Take a break once and a while
  • Website redesign and have a better user experience for everyone
  • Start up a sister website, expand outside the realm of videogames and entertainment.

I completed four of these objectives, I focused a lot more on specific content topics and I wrote a little bit more despite my absence in the events of 2020 and my overall busy life, which, I’m sorry for and that this year, I’m going to be returning to more active role on the website. I’m very excited to see where 2021 leads us and where 2021 lands in the overall gaming history.

One of my objectives was to write more content and to take a break which I accomplished, I’m quite fortune to be in an industry where I’m not affected all that greatly. All of my clients who had cancelled returned shortly after, which makes it quite hard to keep up on the blog and 2020 has been a little bit more of a busier year for me than most years which I hope ceases this year as I would like to do this: writing on the blog makes me happy and one day, I would like for this to be my full-time gig. I wrote more content in a busy year and I took quite a break, which was good for me mentally and emotionally, 6 years doing this might fry your brain, no matter how much you love it. Taking a break once and a while and returning to the very thing you took a break from, you see things in a different way and do things now in a different way.

As for the other objectives, I created a sister website which was outside the realm of videogames and entertainment, focusing a little bit more on my personal life and my hobbies which one of them includes sneakers. I always wanted to start up a “sneaker” blog per say where I write about the history of iconic sneakers and share my passion for sneakers, a hobby that I started in 2007. If you want to take a look, take a peek at tomorrow’s article.


As 2021 begins, I would like to set out my plans and goals for the blog this year.


I’ve always wondered about Youtube and how Youtubers do it. I watch a lot of YouTube and I decided that I maybe want to expand into the video side of things and maybe see how I do in front of the camera, I’m not sure yet but I would like to do it and see where I land.


As 2021 begins, I would like to get more ideas out there on the blog, especially related to Xbox and PC gaming, focusing a little bit more on those sides as those are the primary platforms that I usually play on. I would love to do several more articles in this area.


This has been my weak side ever since I started the blog. I love the community here and I love how the community has embraced me and brought me in after searching for a place 6 years ago and here I am, writing on my blog like nothing ever happened. From community challenges to collaborations, I would like to interact with the community a lot more so if anyone wants to do a collab or a challenge, hit my line up man!


How was your 2020? 2020 was an insane year, something our generation will remember for a really long time. But it wasn’t all bad, historic yes, but not all bad. Let me know how your 2020 was down below in the comments

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