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Letters from the Front

Boardroom, a multimedia Marketing agency designed for content creators both small and large founded by DJ and four of his friends aims to reinvent marketing and what it means to be an advertising agency in today’s world. The company, although small right now and just getting its footing, wants to help content creators both large and small on Youtube, Twitch, TikTok to achieve their dreams.

The general idea behind Boardroom is to allow digital talent be the best they can possibly be and launch content creators to the forefront through marketing, business management, entrepreneurial ventures, and more. The hope and end-goal is to transform the way marketing and advertising is handled in today’s world, where, every passing day traditional media is essentially being forgotten as more and more people flock to places like Youtube and Twitch.

Boardroom will offer a multitude of various media offerings including podcasts, talent management, influencer marketing and digital marketing. The establishment of Boardroom comes at a time when traditional media is fading and are struggling to find new ways to adapt to the evolving media landscape. Cable TV subscriptions are down, traditional kids’ TV channels have experienced a decline in viewership since 2010; for example, Disney on average had 763,000 viewers in the 2017/2018 TV season, which is down from 2.16 million from a decade ago in 2010. Things are changing and people, especially kids, are ditching TV for Twitch and Youtube.

Boardroom’s hope is to give brands an opportunity to make connections with a younger and a bigger audience. Brands are given the opportunity to advertise with no high production costs, because it’s simply the influencer talking to fans directly about a product. This one-on-one kind of advertisement gives brands the resources they need to reach their target audience, which is, the younger generation and at the same time, Boardroom hopes to help content creators create and own their IP, which essentially gives the influencers the rights to what they love to create and help maintain that. Content creators and influencers are the entertainment of the future, they are essentially, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and it puts Boardroom in a good position because it flips the script on big companies. Boardroom wants to find the right partner and help build a future where every content creator thrives.


Getting to know a potential client and their family is of utmost importance to the team at Boardroom. Boardroom views clients as “more of a family and less of a business,” Boardroom is built on three pillars: the first pillar is family friendliness, Boardroom hopes to sign creators that are family friendly that the family can watch. The second pillar is that Boardroom wants to work with creators that want to become more than just content creators. The third pillar is that Boardroom wants to help smaller content creators achieve their dreams and propel them to where they need to be and while working with larger content creators. Boardroom’s role is to help build relationships with these content creators, while connecting them with brands that scream for screen time with new and younger audiences.


Boardroom hopes to build and grow and get to the point where these things are possible because Boardroom believes that the future is now, despite still early stages, the future is essentially here: Kids are looking up more and more to become Youtubers and content creators despite of which platform and brands are realizing that the influence is really with these content creators and not with traditional celebrities anymore; a recent survey from Harris Poll on the behalf of Lego surveyed that kids are three times more likely to aspire to be a Youtuber than an Astronaut. There’s a reason why kids are wanting to become Youtubers and Twitch streamers: it’s because they’re relatable, as opposed to someone like Tom Hanks or Charlize Theron; MrBeast is filming videos in his house and that’s really relatable. MrBeast brings in an insane amount of views, a whopping 4.71 billion in total and MrBeast can get 50,000 mobile game downloads just by speaking 30 seconds in a view about said mobile game. It’s insane and at this stage of the game, MrBeast is a new kind of celebrity. Boardroom wants all content creators to be a MrBeast or a PrestonPlayz. The future is here. Boardroom sees a bigger future.


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