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Letters from the Front

( A continuation of yesterday’s article. Written by Miguel.)

Boardroom is a rising marketing agency built for content creators in mind hopes to sign upcoming and rising Youtubers amongst other content creators and hopes to connect them with the tools they need to grow and expand, including connecting them with brands eager for a minute of screen time with younger audiences.

“We’re living essentially in the future.” , states DJ, one of the co-founders of Boardroom. “Cable TV subscriptions are down by nearly half and traditional media is dying off. Youtube, Twitch, and content creation is the future of entertainment and brands are looking at that, but, we’re still in early days when it comes to this space so we want to be one of the first companies, outside of the ones that already exist to tap into that and help out where we can.”


What Boardroom is hoping to offer budding influencers stability through growth opportunities outside of what YouTube can offer. “YouTube money is great, but you need to have three to four, at least five, different ways that monetization is coming in,” DJ states. “But in the end run, YouTube is not all that sustainable so we want to help influencers grow through growth opportunities and offer them some kind of stable ground, outside of video monetization and YouTube algorithms. With cable TV seeing less and less viewership, brands are putting more advertising dollars into content creators with viral online followings that reach far more people than TV.” , he says. ” The ability of YouTube creators like, for example, MrBeast to tie the relevance of a sponsor’s product into the jokes and videos he makes provides insane value to the companies he works with, that tells you a lot of things right there. Content creators like MrBeast talk directly to the screen, developing a one-on-one relationship with the viewer. It’s an engaging formula. This is the future of entertainment.”


Boardroom recognizes the changing of the guard and wants to be a part of the new world order. DJ and his friends recognize that change is coming and it’s coming sooner than you expect, influencers and content creators are the new celebrities and are taking on traditional media. The establishment of Boardroom and companies like Boardroom come at a time when traditional media is slowly dying off and is struggling to find footing in the new world, kids are aspiring to become Youtubers and Twitch streamers, the reliance on traditional media is fading and there’s a new world that’s been transforming the way we live. “It’s almost as if we’re living in the Matrix.” , he says. ” The whole world has been shaped upside down because of apps like YouTube. It’s absolutely insane, the good kind of insanity.”

The agency hopes to begin with management, branding, and business development but that doesn’t start until Boardroom begins to start to grow and gets its footing. Boardroom is looking for the right partner to work with and begin to build. “We’re working on our website, we have the logos ready, we have our goals and outlines so the minute we get our website off the ground is the minute we start pushing.” , DJ says. ” I firmly believe that content creators are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and I want to help them get to that point, but, that begins with building and getting our foot off the ground. Building a business is a lot like arming a Lego piece, you don’t get to finish building the piece until you place the first lego block on the table and start building. We want to be part of the future.”


Despite its small footing and its small building, Boardroom hopes to do great things once it gets to the position it needs to be. ” Social media algorithms can be extremely volatile. They change at a whim and creators — especially ones with smaller followings can find themselves at the whim of top-down decisions made by companies like Youtube.” , DJ says. ” It’s something that needs to change and in the endrun, it doesn’t seem like it helps the creator at all. Most content creators don’t have control over their destiny and that blows my mind. So, I want to give them a platform to where they can strive and have a career long after YouTube.”

Boardroom wants to build a future where the majority of content creators can be a MrBeast or some of the largest content creators on the internet. One of the core pillars behind the values of Boardroom is to help smaller content creators get to the place where they need to be. ” There’s a lot of small content creators out there that get the views but don’t seem to grow or they appear to be tapped out.” , he says. ” So, Boardroom is there to help them grow and for them to use the tools they need to be successful. We want to create a place where everyone is welcomed and where everyone can succeed because, at the end of the day, it’s all that matters: we all want to be successful and want to be in a good position.”

The entire goal of Boardroom is to help digital talent, both big and small, to reach their full potential as entertainers and entrepreneurs and the way it is achieved is through marketing, management, branding, sponsorships, business development and more with the end-goal being a full service marketing agency that partners clients and offers services such as business management, strategic market plans, digital strategy, and more which gives Youtubers and content creators control over their destiny.

“There are different ways and pillars to each business.” , he says. ” But our pillars are in the business of helping content creators get to the point where they need to be, and at the end of the day, it all depends on the audience and we want to work with people that want to see a bigger possibility and see a bigger picture.”


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