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Letters from the Front

( A continuation from yesterday’s article. Written by Miguel.)

It’s no secret that traditional media is fading and fading rapidly and YouTube is on the rise and on the rise it is, content creators are the new celebrities and they’re beginning to favor agencies and management over belonging to a network. These smaller, more focused companies seem to provide better representation for YouTubers, streamers, and influencers of all shapes and sizes. One company trying to break into the big time leagues is Boardroom Marketing Group, an extremely small marketing agency and management group based out of Georgia.

Boardroom was “founded” in 2015, starting off as an idea in a back of a SRT Hellcat that was parked right outside of Magic City in the middle of the night, originally intended to be a business based around marijuana but it wasn’t until around September of 2020 when one of the co-founders, DJ, revisited the idea in the very same SRT Hellcat but this time parked right outside of an apartment complex in Norcross, that he decided to turn this idea into a full-scale marketing boutique for content creators and he started to get to work on this idea.

As the influencer landscape continues to expand and continues to grow into what DJ calls, “into another world.” , more content creators acquire the right guidance and acquire the right tools. We recently caught up with DJ to chat about Boardroom and what he calls “his great experiment with four of his friends.” , you can read the final part of the interview below.

A: What is Boardroom Marketing Group and what services do you offer and how did it start?

DJ: ” Well, for the last part of that hefty question, it’s going to sound like a crazy ass story but it’s true. Boardroom was somewhat founded in 2015 in a back of a SRT Hellcat at 2AM in the parking lot of Magic City and I’m somewhere in the void, out of my mind and I randomly spurt this idea out about a weed business but it was just that. An idea. But it wasn’t until now, like September time, to revisit it and retool this idea into an actual thing and turn it into an actual business that’s warm and projects friendliness and what’s funny is that I had that idea in the very same Hellcat and I was in the same situation. Despite, its start, Boardroom is designed as something that is friendly and something that’s warm, because, in the end Boardroom is here for you and here for everyone to be the best they can be. I really do get the implications, though. What services do we offer? Well, the experiment is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in the development of successful campaigns for today’s brands. Our services? Well, we want our capabilities to be extensive which includes influencer partnerships and overall assistance to both the brands and the content creators. I believe that today’s content creators are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. It’s absolutely crazy and I’m here for it. As for what Boardroom is, Boardroom is a marketing agency designed for content creators to grow and to build something that extends past Youtube and Twitch.”

A: That’s a very interesting start to Boardroom, I gotta hand it to you. Onto the next question, though, has the advertising world has changed with the rise of content creators and influencers?

DJ: ” I normally don’t tell that story, because, of the implications and the assumptions people have about you after you told them about something that’s unsavory. The real thing always changes peoples reactions. But yeah, I think the advertising world is changing with the rise of content creators and influencers. Content creators and influencers are the celebrities of the next generation, look at Neekolul or MrBeast, it’s absolutely insane and I’m glad to see that the advertising world is paying attention to these awesome people and are reaching out to them. As for the behind the scenes aspect, influencer marketing is an awesome tool to have at your disposal if you know how to work it. Influencer marketing is hands down one of the most powerful tools a business can have, it is the most cost-effective form of advertising of any other medium and that includes television. A content creator is speaking to his or her fans about this product and you can instantly get returns, because, the influencer told his or her fans about the product. MrBeast does it all the time and look at the value he has provided to many companies he has worked with. It’s a great tool.”

A: What is your thoughts on the overall changing of the guard? Why do you think content creation and influencers is the future?

DJ: Well, my thoughts on the overall changing of the guard? It’s needed. Although, TV is not dead dead and is still kicking around but I think the age of TV is coming to a slow end, there will be a time when TV is no longer needed and you’re starting to see that and I think brands are still on board with traditional media, and that needs to change. Youtube, Twitch, and content creation is the future of entertainment and brands are looking at that, but, we’re still technically in early days since brands are still on board with traditional media but things are changing, you see it everyday on Twitch or Youtube. You can get more out of a content creator than you can on TV and that’s crazy, although I don’t say that in a bad sort of way but in a good way, because everyone wants to succeed and influencer marketing if done in the right way can be very successful on both ends. As for the other question, kids are more inclined to become content creators than big traditional celebrities like Amy Adams or Anne Hathaway. You see someone like a PrestonPlayz and you see yourself, and that’s a very powerful thing. In the end run, it’s very relatable as opposed to going to acting school or something like that. It’s the future of entertainment and they’re essentially, in all of the terms, the future of celebrity stardom. You see it now with people like Charlie D’Amelio or Neekolul, who shot to fame with the Ok, Boomer TikTok and is now signed onto not only Night Media but 100Thieves as well? I guarantee you by the end of the decade, we’re going to see this thing grow into its own and explode, not to mention it’s already exploding, mind you; but, there will be thousands of Neekoluls or Charlie D’Amelios by 2029 and they will need help.”

A: Why do you call this an experiment and what are your plans for 2021 regarding Boardroom?

DJ: “Well, to be fair, Boardroom is an experiment. Nothing is ever guaranteed to you, so, we’re taking it real slow and placing down each lego piece down very carefully, because, at the end of the day you don’t know if a business is going to succeed or not but we’re going to continue to try and build this experiment. The plans for 2021 regarding Boardroom is still in prototype stage, but, we hope to build the website soon and the minute we get there, we shall see what’s next. I believe in this experiment and I hope we grow to a full-size thing, whatever that is, in a few years. Right now, we’re marketing this and seeing if anyone wants to take a small chance and help us build. As for the rest, we have numerous podcasts on the table and beginning to record and we shall see what’s there and the podcasts is the most exciting thing for me, outside of, trying to build Boardroom. This, I hope, will be the beginning of something great. We are ready for the future and are ready to work and partner with some excellent people that see a greater picture.”


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